Mission Statement

  • Provide the Judges of the region with a community sanction for offenders that includes a six-month confinement to a highly structured, treatment-oriented and secure facility.
  • Provide means to ensure that offenders make restitution to the community through payments for victim compensation, court costs and fines, as well as through participation in organized community service projects.
  • Ensure the safety and security of the involved communities by providing offenders with opportunities for change through programs that will enable them to understand and accept community goals as their own.
  • Release offenders back into their communities with a greater capacity to cope with their social environment, thus reducing the probability of continued crime. This will be accomplished through participation in programming such as chemical dependency, community skills, counseling, education, life skills, and work release.
  • Provide offenders with opportunities for decision making in a supervised environment and encourage offenders to take effective control of their lives.

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