Resident Finances

Individual resident financial account information is available through the kiosk found in each wing. All incoming money will first be used to pay any SEPTA obligations. After obligations to SEPTA are paid, 50% of any funds added will be collected to pay court costs/restitution.

Paychecks are to be mailed to SEPTA by the Resident’s employer and addressed to the Finance Manager, who will deposit the paycheck into the Resident’s account within seven (7) business days of receipt. A copy of the check is made and given to the Resident.

Residents may receive funds from friends or family members.

  • Cash, credit and debit card deposits to the resident’s account are to be made through the COBRA Banker system, online, or via Money Gram.
  • Money orders and checks can be mailed or dropped off to residents during regular business hours and visiting hours.
  • Details on making resident account deposits are available from the Operations Department.
  • Receipts will be issued to the depositing party.

All deposits to resident’s accounts will be posted within (7) business days of receipt.

Resident Fees

The Resident agrees that all such fees/charges shall be paid by SEPTA from his funds or resources, whether on deposit with SEPTA or otherwise located. If funds are not available for payment at the time the fees/charges are incurred, SEPTA will debit the Resident’s facility account and utilize the Resident’s funds, which are from time to time placed in the Resident’s facility account, to reimburse SEPTA for those fee/charges.

No Resident will be denied participation or services based on inability to pay.

  • Program Fee
    • A program fee of $1.00 per day will be charged daily to the Resident’s account. The fee will be applied toward the cost of program materials.
  • Intake Packet
    • Residents will be charged a one-time fee for the commissary intake packet which the Resident receives at the time of admission.
  • All medical related expenses such as:
    • Physician visits: $25
    • Sick call: $5
    • Prescription medication — actual cost
    • All outside medical/mental health appointments will be billed by the outside agencies directly to the residents.
  • Work Release
    • A 10% work release fee shall be assessed on the net payroll, regardless of the job site location.  Residents will be assessed this fee even if transportation is not provided by SEPTA.

Obligation Payments

Debts will be paid in the following order:

  1. Costs incurred and owed to SEPTA (includes medical expenses.
  2. Victim restitution
  3. Court cost
  4. Fines

Residents will be responsible for repayment to SEPTA for any damages they have caused to the facility. After all court imposed obligations have been satisfied, residents may request to pay on personal financial obligations.

Withdrawals must have prior written approval of the Case Manager.


  • Residents may purchase personal hygiene items, paper, stamps, and other items as indicated on the kiosk in the day area.
  • Only items listed on the commissary kiosk are permitted.
  • Weekly commissary purchases cannot exceed the amount designated by the Administration. This amount is set as a weekly limit.
  • Certain limits may be imposed on individual items as determined by the Administration.
  • Orders are to be completed by Monday night at 10:00 pm.
  • Normally, orders will be filled and delivered on Thursdays.
  • Items missing from commissary order must be reported on the packing slip in the presence of staff when commissary is being handed out. Commissary will be reviewed and handed out by staff only.
  • Residents with no cash available are limited to purchase only personal care items by requesting an indigent pack. They are on a rotational basis, designed to replenish items as needed. Items in each rotation are posted in the day areas. If an indigent pack is ordered after the deadline of the current week, the rotation will automatically reset to Indigent Pack 1. Not ordering weekly will disrupt the rotation therefore, indigent residents are strongly encouraged to order indigent packs once each week.


Residents who have funds available on their account may have shopping privileges on the Resident kiosk. For Residents who do not have funds available and are in need of work related items – [i.e., clothes, boots, shoes, gloves, underwear or socks], special consideration may be made with the written approval of the Career Readiness Unit on the shopping request.

Release from the Program

  • Successful Release
    • On the day of release, whenever possible, if a resident still has court obligations, they will receive a check for no less than 50% of the available balance in his account.
    • If payroll checks are received after release they will be treated the same as if the employee were still a resident, less any outstanding fees or costs owed to the facility and any remainder will be mailed to the resident’s release address in approximately two to three weeks.
    • If statements for any such outstanding fees or costs have not been received, the processing of the final account check will be delayed until all statements have been received.
    • The remaining balance will then be mailed to the former resident at their approved release address.
  • Unsuccessful Release
    • Any balance of the Resident’s account will be mailed to the Resident after all debts have been satisfied, including legal obligations.