Employer Guidelines

    1. Resident employee will have no contact with family or friends during/before/after work hours
    2. Any rules required by employer and broken by resident employee shall be reported to the Work Release Coordinator at 753-5000.
    3. Use of alcohol and/or drugs is strictly forbidden by resident employee.
    4. In case resident employed is involved in an accident/injury, call EMS/911(if needed) then SEPTA Correctional Facility. SEPTA Correctional Facility staff will notify appropriate family members.
    5. Transportation for resident employees will always be provided by SEPTA staff unless other arrangements are agreed upon by supervisor of work site and SEPTA Correctional Facility staff.
    6. Resident employees are not available for work on State Holidays. SEPTA observes the following holidays during the calendar year: New Year’s Day(January); Martin Luther King Day (January); President’s Day(February); Memorial Day (May); Independence Day (July); Labor Day (September); Columbus Day (October); Veteran’s Day (November); Thanksgiving Day (November); and Christmas Day (December).
  1. If a questionable circumstance should occur involving resident employee, employer is encouraged to call SEPTA at 753-5000 for clarification.
  2. Resident employee may not accept gifts/products from employer.
  3. All paychecks must be mailed to SEPTA Correctional Facility, Attn: Supervisor of Support Services, 7 West Twenty-Nine Drive, Nelsonville, Ohio 45764.